Bridge to Nowhere

33 days to 50.



Today we went on a little 10 mile hike in the San Gabriel Mountains. The end of the hike was literally a bridge to nowhere. Evidently there was a road built to this bridge in the Thirties and a flood washed out the road itself, so they never went up to finish the road. So this bridge is still standing in the middle of the mountains. There is a trail up to it and it looked like a trail beyond it. It is a popular destination for bungee jumpers so we spent the better part of the morning passing and being passed by about 50 young hipster bungee jumpers.

Last September I went to Peru with friends to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. I am not a hiker. I’m not even an outdoor cat. So that hike was incredibly challenging for me. I feel like that hike really changed some things for me. I found myself chanting “The Long Time Sun Shine”, the song that ends every Kundalini Yoga class all the way up the trail. Once I hit the top I knew that the teacher training I was considering to teach that yoga was something I had to do. So in essence, stepping that far outside my comfort zone changed my life in ways I couldn’t have anticipated.

Being out on the trail today brought memories of that trip back. It also brought back memories of the multiple hikes my sister took me on in Colorado to train, and the many times my friends here hiked Runyon Canyon with me trying out 4 (yes 4) pairs of boots from REI before I found the right ones. I so appreciate everyone who supported me to get me ready to go on that trip. I appreciate the friends I hiked with today for getting me outside again. Outside is good.

Even if sometimes being outside takes you to a Bridge to Nowhere.

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