The Teacher Within Me

35 days to 50.

Tonight I taught my first Kundalini Yoga Class to someone who didn’t have to love it because they love me. My massage therapist decided that she wants to change her business into more of a women’s wellness center and she approached me to offer private yoga classes for some of her clients. She first suggested this a few months ago, and much like my first instinct when I was asked to go to Africa for the first time, I screamed (with my inside voice this time)- OH NO! I don’t DO things like THAT!!

But this yoga training has changed me. Instead of offering to find someone who would be interested I took some time and thought about it. They say when things are flowing the way they should that opportunities fall into your lap and your path is easy. Well, this was easy. So tonight I met with her to give her a class so she could really understand what this yoga is all about. Kundalini is unique. Most people are familiar with forms of Hatha yoga- in the west that usually means practices that are focused on movement combined with breath to build muscle or flexibility. Kundalini is about raising your awareness. Aligning your heart and your soul rather than just your breath and your body.

I was a little nervous before I got to the studio. But we sat down and the class just flowed out of me. She didn’t do every posture accurately. She understood some instructions and not others. It was not perfect. But it was perfection. I felt that I was a channel and the yoga was working through me to impact her. I didn’t do the easiest set. I kept her in a chanting meditation for 11 minutes. I did a pose where she held up her arms and clapped her fingers against her palms for 4 minutes. She loved it. I saw her transform through the class.

I can do this. I can teach this practice to people who really need it. I can be of service.

I will do this. I will teach this practice to people who really need it. I will be of service.

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