World Domination Summit Day 1

20 days to 50.

World Domination Summit Day 1


The most impactful moment from today was when they brought up WDS attendees to tell their stories. One of the speakers was a woman who decided at 61 years of age to to take a gap year with her husband. Her quote:

Uncertainty doesn’t decrease as you age, it increases.

This was so inspiring to me. We always expect people older than ourselves to be totally confident and to have it all together. It’s so fantastic that this woman is still, like me, figuring it out as she goes along.

I sat next to another woman on the flight to Portland. She was in her mid fifties. She and her husband both used to write for the LA Times until the newspaper cut half their staff. Suddenly unemployed in the middle of their lives, she and her husband packed up their young son and moved to Vietnam for 2 years to teach English. She spoke with love in her eyes about the country and her experiences there. She told me not to worry about Fifty. Fifty is a piece if cake.

I’m optimistic and hopeful about turning fifty in a way I haven’t been before. I’m so grateful I took this opportunity and came to WDS this year. I’m inspired and humbled.

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